Gabions and rock mattresses from Concrib are baskets or cages manufactured from heavily galvanized wire. They have the addition of a PVC sleeve coating on the core wire.

In order to prevent build up of hydrostatic pressure Gabions and rock-mattresses are porous. They can also withstand differential settlement.

They are also durable. PVC coated wire gabions and mattresses are particularly well suited for an extended life in harsh or corrosive settings. The Gabions and rock mattresses are made from double-twist hexagonal woven mesh.

Applications for Gabions and rock mattresses:

  • Culvert protection
  • Wing walls
  • Bridge abutment protection
  • Retaining walls
  • Weirs and drop structures
  • Landscaping
  • Rockfall protection netting (mesh)
  • Erosion control and stabilization
  • Channel lining
  • Chutes and spillways