Concrib ensures that all the components used in their retaining wall systems are compliant with the relevant codes. By doing so, the company provides assurance to both the designer and the end user that their retaining walls comply with Australian Standards.

A design certificate issued by the designer of a retaining wall system (Form 15 in Queensland) confirms that the design is certified against a specified criteria, for example AS 4678, Earth Retaining Structures code. A core requirement of this code is design life, which is 60 years for residential retaining walls.

The supporting criteria that references specific codes is often overlooked, which can be detrimental to the stability of the structure since these codes cover the quality and manufacture of the components that make up a particular retaining wall system.

For instance, the Concrib concrete sleeper wall system consists of reinforced concrete sleeper beams and either hot-dipped galvanised steel posts or reinforced concrete posts; these components are compliant with the relevant codes: AS 3600 for Concrete Structures; AS 4678 for Hot-Dipped Galvanising; AS 4100 for Fabricated Steel Structures, and, AS 1554 for Structural Steel Welding.

The certifying engineer should not only ensure that the structural design complies with the code but also verify the chain of supply used to fabricate or manufacture the wall components.

Concrib operates a Quality Management System compliant with ISO9001:2008, which ensures all relevant documentation regarding certificates for structural steel, concrete, galvanising and reinforcement among others can be supplied.

Concrib is also a Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads-approved pre-caster of retaining wall products.