The Ring-Master range of microprocessor-based intercom equipment offers quality point-to-point communication. Various models feature audio quality in a hands-free loud speaking duplex mode.    

Intercom Systems:  

The RM5000 modular central exchange-based intercom system - features four speech links, a wide range of master and slave stations, two audio channels, a 56 station capacity, and a range of other communication features.  

The PRO700 intercom – This unit can service up to 40 stations with a single speech link. Stations include desktop for home or office and console mount for security offices. It has rugged enclosures for industry and vandal-proof stations for use in vulnerable areas.  

The CB901 intercom – This is considered a top of the range unit. It is built around a powerful microprocessor-controlled exchange with capacity for 7170 subscribers in units of 240 extensions; each with 15 speech links. Multiple systems can be linked by hard wire, fibre, or telephone lines for a global system.    

Ring-Master intercoms have the NATO quality certification, AQAP4. They are manufactured in Norway, with ISO9000 and 9001 endorsement, plus third party certification for electromagnetic compatibility, known as CE.  

They are suitable for use in offices, hospitals, prisons, police stations, banks and financial institutions, schools, and defence situations. They are now available from Comsec Distributors .