Featuring the IP fire stair intercom system, the Jacques 650 Series integrated communications system is ideal for residential and commercial building applications. Jacques fire stair intercoms are available from Comsec Distributors .

This fire stair intercom system’s main purpose is to provide communications between the local building security office or offsite monitor centre and a person in the stairwell to assist in security and access control. The fire stair intercom system is able to integrate completely with other IP systems already installed in the building.

The fire stair intercom system functions include:

  • Call from building security office to fire stair Intercom
  • Call from fire stair Intercom to building security office
  • After hours operation or when building security office is unmanned
  • Call from fire stair intercom to remote off-site location via SIP interface or PABX/PSTN
The fire stair intercom system features include:
  • An intercom master station installed in the local building security office
  • Single button intercom slave stations installed in the stair well adjacent to each fire door
  • Calls can originate at either the master station or the slave station. Additionally, the master station may originate PA type calls to any or all intercoms.
  • The fire stair intercom system supports door release locally or from a remote location. The security officer can therefore control access from the stairwell and speak to people in the stairwell
  • The call can be diverted via the telephone interface to a telephone service afterhours or when the local building security office is unmanned. This could be a PABX extension, a fixed line service or a mobile service.
Jacques fire stair intercom systems provide a fully networked solution with the ability to connect to an unlimited number of intercom stations. The 650 Series intercom system is reliable and will create a networked communication system that is extremely flexible and reliable.