Complete Comfort Systems  provides an outdoor heating solution utilising the outdoor Heatstrip Radiant Heaters.

Due to the total indoor smoking ban which is now in effect (since November 1, 2007), the radiant Heatstrip outdoor heaters are increasingly becoming a popular option for hospitality venues, in addition to the variety of domestic and commercial applications they are commonly utilised in.

Cheaper to run than bottled gas heating, Heatstrip Radiant Heaters offer an efficient and maintenance free outdoor heating solution to create a healthy and comfortable in-door environment outside.

The Heatstrip Radiant Heaters can be adapted to suit a wide range of applications including patios, umbrellas and balconies, and they provide a silent and pleasant heat with minimal space utilised.

Brackets are available for angle mounting, suspension mounting, as well as custom made brackets to suit large umbrellas or other applications.

The Heatstrip Radiant Heaters can also be connected to timers for peace-of-mind control. The performance of the Heatstrip heating range allows for mounting from 2.4m from the floor, up to 8 meters or more, allowing installation in high ceiling applications.

The Heatstrip Radiant Heaters can provide either spot heating where heat is needed most, or complete comfort for enclosed outdoor areas.