Complete Comfort Systems produces a wide range of ELEX heaters for application in commercial areas. Apart from this product, Complete Comfort Systems produce air conditioning systems to suit different applications. They are available in a wide range of models to suit various application areas and budgets.

Ecosmart Fire produced by Complete Comfort Systems is fuelled by renewable energy. It burns clean and does not require maintenance. It is environmentally friendly, cost effective and aesthetically appealing and versatile enough to be installed into any architectural environments.

EcoSmart Fire is user friendly and is made with maximum safety and fuel efficiency. It is easy to install anywhere and holds five litres of fuel. EcoSmart Fire can be setup over a carpet also and it does not smell.

Breeze power natural cooling system produced by Complete Comfort Systems instantly fills rooms with fresh air. It allows roof space temperatures to be changed quickly. Breeze Power systems can save expenditure by eliminating the need for an air conditioning system.

Heatstar Radiant Panel heaters produced by Complete Comfort Systems provide economic heating solutions for schools, offices and hospitals. They are recommended for energy efficient heating.