Commando Storage Systems have manufactured a medium duty shelving unit which is ideal for industrial and commercial uses. Ezi-Store Rut 200 static shelving is strong and economical, with steel shelves to support heavy storage applications. The shelving has solid sides and back and features pre punched shelves for divider plates.

Benefits of Ezi-Store Rut 200 static shelving includes:

  • Meets Australian Standards AS 2143 - 1978
  • Modular design
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Endorsed by Good Environmental Choice Australia
  • Range of sizes and accessories

Commando Ezi-Store RUT 200 bay heights are either 2175 or 2375 millimetres, bay widths are 750, 900, 1050 or 1200 millimetres, and bay depths range between 300 and 600 millimetres. The shelving system includes initial and additional bays and can be configured to be single or double sided. The unit is finished in white or silver grey and the shelf capacity of up to 250 kilograms.

A number of accessories are available to compliment Commando Ezi-Store RUT 200 static shelving including dress panels, coat rails. Bin fronts, parts boxes, pull out wire baskets, magnetic label holders, pull out reference shelves, door and frame kits, CD and DVD storage racks and many more.