Commando Storage Systems have manufactured heavy duty commercial shelving units which can be hand operated or by a mechanically assisted wheel or handle. Ezi-Glide Commercial Mobile Shelving is ideal for heavier loads and mass storage as it is fully modular and can be expanded as required.

Benefits of Ezi-Glide includes:

  • Easy operation
  • OH&S compliant
  • Strong and durable
  • Long lasting
  • Meets Australian Standards AS 2143 - 1978
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Engineered for easy operation

Features of this commercial storage system includes a fixed track on the floor, sloping access ramps along the entire system, modular design, adjustable shelves at maximum 25 millimetre increments, one piece welded construction, up to 250 kilogram UDL shelf capacity, and a white or silver grey finish.

Bay heights are between 1875 and 2375 millimetres, bay widths are between 750 and 1200 millimetres, and bay depths are between 250 and 600 millimetres.

Additional accessories for Ezi-Glide Commercial Mobile Shelving includes dress panels, pull out suspension filing frames, pull out reference shelves, CD and DVD storage racks, lateral file chassis, steel shelf dividers, upright rubber strips, pull out wire baskets, parts boxes, coat rails and more.