Churches are great examples of buildings that benefit significantly from the use of a floor heating system.

Their architectural features gives Speedheat Floor Heating Australia floor heating three main advantages:

Heating with high ceilings
Churches typically have high ceilings and a large volume of air to heat. Using air conditioning means much of the energy is wasted, and as it is a 'convective' heating system, it will attempt to heat all the air in the room.

Coldbuster's radiant floor heating system means the energy consumed goes mostly into heating the air space at the body height of the congregationA floor heating system means much less energy is lost to the air above head height. 

Zoning the heat
Being an electric element under the floor finish, Coldbuster floor heaters effectively takes its total power output and spreads it out evenly across the area of the floor giving a much more efficient distribution of heat. 

The heating reaches those in the middle pews just the same as those at the front or rear pews and also avoids uneven heating.

By using multiple thermostat controls, separate areas of the floor heating can be turned on/off according to patronage and heating demand. 

Quick response heating
Coldbuster carpet heating is a unique product with its advantage being a 1.5mm thin element, and the ability to sit just below the carpet, but on top of the underlay.  

The carpet heating system directly delivers heat into the room with usually 20-30m warm up time.

The Coldbuster element is designed strong enough to withstand the combined weight of people seated on a church pew, even when its full. The Coldbuster element is also fully waterproof so it is safe for the church carpets to be steam cleaned.

Furthermore, Coldbuster radiant floor heaters are fully earthed, electrically safe and can be programmed to run automatically at different periods of the day, different days of the week.  

Coldbuster Australia is the contractors DIY brand for the Speedheat Floor Heating. The products are the same, but the brand names are different. There are accredited Coldbuster/Speedheat installers in all major cities around Australia.