Coldbuster Floor Heating Australia introduces a new range of rug heating mats designed to provide a cost-efficient way to keep feet warm in the home or at work. 

Providing a similar effect to floor heating, Coldbuster rug heating mats roll out flat like electric blankets under the rug, and are plugged into the nearest power point. A convenient LED indicator is also provided to turn the heater on and off. No thermostat control is required.

Ideal for areas where people are seated, the rug heaters spread heat evenly, giving off gentle warmth under the dining table or in front of a sofa.

Coldbuster rug heaters comprise of a silicone insulated heating element sandwiched between two layers of aluminium foil, and then covered on both sides with a neutral grey fabric, overlocked around the edges. Two over-heating thermal cut-out switches are built into the heater for safety.

The heater can be used on tile, timber and carpet floors and is flexible for folding and storage. Table and chair legs can safely rest on the mats. 

Coldbuster rug heaters can be used under most rugs except thick or dense rugs more than 10mm thick as their higher insulation levels inhibit heat transfer. The user also needs to ensure there are no folds in the rug heating mat before turning the power on; the mat should be positioned under the rug so as not to protrude from the sides.

Very economical to run when compared to other plug-in wall heating units, Coldbuster rug heaters come in three sizes: 1.1 x 1.6m, 1.4 x 2.1m and 1.8 x 2.7m.