Speedheat Floor Heating Australia  will soon release a new, wireless thermostat that works as a remote control for an air conditioner. Speedheat wireless thermostats will be able to be positioned up to 20m from the heater, even outside the room. Ideal for complementing minimalist design, Speedheat wireless thermostats can be remounted elsewhere to accommodate reposition of furnishings in future. 

Speedheat wireless thermostats are able to monitor power consumption as a percentage of time for previous days, months or years. By imputing the price of electricity (per KiloWatt hour) the user can view energy used and total cost incurred during these times. Speedheat wireless thermostats are also able to adapt to their environment. Should one morning be particularly cold the thermostat recognises the need to power heating earlier. This ensures consistent daily heating control, accurate to 0.5 degrees