Speedheat Floor Heating Australia  has recently received its first shipment of the new MCD4 programmable floor heating thermostats, which are designed to eliminate the need for hardcopy product manuals and avoid frustrated solo attempts at programming a thermostat.

With winter fast approaching, home owners with floor heating are starting to reprogramme their thermostats so that they can enjoy the comfort and benefits of their floor heating. Re-programming often involves an adjustment for daylight savings or a slight modification to temperature settings previously used, and without a programming manual at hand this can be very difficult.

The MCD4 programmable floor heating thermostat is a newly released version of the Danish OJ range of thermostats, designed and manufactured in Denmark, which borrow from the popular ‘icon menus’ similar to ‘smartphone’ displays. The self-explanatory picture icon menus are a level of technology above the older alphanumeric digital displays.

In addition, the new MCD4 programmable floor heating thermostats boasts new features including:

  • the thinnest flush mounted thermostat 
  • a larger backlit LCD 
  • the option to wall mount either horizontally or vertically 
  • inbuilt ‘regulator mode’ (when the floor sensor is unavailable).
All these features are on top of the existing functions, including:
  • 4 periods per day heating schedule 
  • weekday/weekend differential schedule
  • floor and air sensor
  • temporary manual override and holiday power off settings
  • monitoring power consumption and running costs as a percentage of time for previous days, month or year
  • adaptable to colder mornings (the thermostat recognises the need to power heating earlier).

If the manual for reprogramming the floor heating thermostat is not at hand, Speedheat will also gladly make field calls to help return the system to functionality.