Codaprint, from Codafile Records Management is an innovative colour coding label software designed specifically to produce file folder labels. With Codaprint there is no longer any need to stick individual labels to files. Codaprint is so easy to use.  

Suitable for either Desktop or Network Installation, Codaprint is ideal for on demand label printing.   The situation if a business creates 100 customer files per day and the user needs to apply 5 individual labels to each file: 3 alphabetical labels, name label and a colour flash label to identify the file group. It takes about 80 minutes to apply the individual labels and create100 file folders.  

If the labour costs are probably about $16.00 per hour, or 27c per minute, this means it costs the business $21.60 a day to create customer files. Using the same labour costs and implementing Codaprint the same volume of file folders can be created within 15 minutes, which equals $4.05 in labour cost.  

The solution:

  • Codaprint 2003 Version, Single-User Licence (including 1 year support)
  • Codaprint A4 Labels 100 sheets, (4 labels per sheet)  
The recommended system requirement to run Codaprint is:
  • Minimum Pentium 200MHz PC with 32MB RAM, 20 MB Hard Disk Space (10MB for programs and 10MB for database and templates)
  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and XP