After much demand, Coastline Plastics are soon to release what is believed to be the largest slim line tank. At an expected 5,000 litre capacity, it is believed to be Australia’s largest single unit slim or wall liner tank. Approximate dimensions are 950mm wide, 2300mm high and 2900mm long.

This tank has been much requested, especially since the introduction of BASIX. Some councils require 5,000 litres or 5,500 litres as a minimum size to meet their BASIX report.

Huge interest has been shown in this tank and a notification data base has been formed to notify potential clients and builders of its availability.

Coastline Plastics’ other range of 20 different tanks are all in stock, with the exception of the 24,000 litre, which they hope to have back in stock within a short time. They are able to offer quick delivery dates due to large stock held. Coastline Plastics’ water tanks’ order/delivery statistics show most tanks (94%) are delivered within seven days of request.

Coastline Plastics are able to offer a commission to builders, architects, building planners, etc when you recommend their tanks to your clients. A CD presentation is available for you to use in your presentations to your clients.