Householders can achieve the minimum Basix requirement of 40% less potable water by the use of rainwater for toilet and laundry usage. These two alone will achieve a 35% score. Coupled with dual flush toilets and water saving tap and shower products, this can assure Basix certification.    

Coastline Plastics' water tank range of twenty quality polyethylene water tanks suits every size, colour and shape requirement.

Coastline Plastics have an extensive range of underground water tanks, including a polyethylene underground tank with a 10,000 litre capacity.

Coastline Plastics have a choice of three wall liner water tanks, including the BASIX 5,200 litre slimline tank. The two smaller slimline water tanks can be carried through a doorway and can be installed on a porch, in a garage or a similar location. The installation of many of Coastline’s water tanks into narrow terrace houses in Sydney is testament to this design feature.

Coastline Plastics also have 1,000l capacity square water tanks which are ideal for shallow areas such as under the deck or in the space under the house between the floor and the ground. At just 1200mm wide and 785mm high, they generally fit in between floor supports and can be easily manifolded together to create one unit. The unique design allows for three tanks to stack on each other for transport on a single pallet, making them ideal for shipping at a relatively little cost. The stacking option is for transport only - the square tanks are not suitable for stacking when being used for water storage.

Coastline Plastics has eleven regular round water tanks to choose from for general rainwater storage. These smooth straight walled tanks have a modern streamlined design.

All Coastline Plastics’ water tanks are easy to install. Providing you allow sufficient capacity, these tanks will save up to 35% of potable water, which is an essential requirement for BASIX certification.

Facts about Coastline Plastics water tanks: 

  1. Coastline Plastics underground water tanks are rated to carry a static load of 500kg and are, therefore, suitable to be placed underneath driveways or gardens/lawns. (Install to engineer’s requirements) 
  2. Concrete anchoring is not required for the majority of situations. 
  3. Vertical ribbed engineered design gives additional overall strength. This combined with the extra thickness of plastic makes for a very strong tank. Coastline Plastics’ policy is to make all tanks to a minimum 3.5 safety. Tanks meet Australia Standards AS/NZ 1546.1, AS 4020 & AS 2070. 
  4. Unique extended moulded in feet protrude that cause extra friction in all grounds to help reduce the incidence of floating, especially helpful in water charged areas. (Install to engineer’s requirements) 
  5. Small footprint can reduce impact to property as well as save excavation costs. 
  6. Shallow excavation depth for capacity means cheaper installation. Three of Coastline’s tanks are within the Work Cover guidelines for working at depths. 
  7. Quick supply due to large stock held. Order/delivery statistics show most tanks are delivered within seven days of request. 
  8. Now available with centre and off centre inlet options 
  9. Tanks are suitable for grey water collection and also stormwater retention. 
  10. Tanks can be also installed in high water table areas following engineer’s guidelines. 
  11. Rain Maximiser Mains Water Systems recommended. (The smaller Rain Bank is available on request)