Club Car Australia  specialises in distributing a range golf cars, utility vehicles, transportation vehicles and alternative vehicle solutions. The variety of vehicles from Club Car Australia is used widely in a range of applications such as golf courses, schools, universities and colleges. The vehicles are used in industrial complexes, construction sites, hotels, resorts, shopping malls, farms and ranches as well.
Vehicles for recreation, work or personal use are available from Club Car Australia. Club Car Australia offers new and used vehicles for sale, rent, lease and hire. Spare parts and accessories for golf cars, transportation vehicles and carryall utility are also offered.
Club Car Australia offers a range of transportation vehicles such as, Villager-4, Villager-6, Villager-8 Transporter-4 and Transporter-6. The Villager-4 consists of alumicore chassis with aluminium frames which eliminates corrosion and rusting.
This allows the vehicle to last for a long time. This consists of three programmable brake options, four programmable speed options and hill climbing power as well. These vehicles consist of body panels with ultraviolet protection.
The Villager-6 are designed to carry up to 6 passengers and has a maximum speed of 16kph. These transportation vehicles consists of seamless, molded vinyl seats and includes brake lights, horn and halogen headlights.
The Transporter-4 is designed to carry up to 4 passengers along with cargo. It includes an armorflex front body with fixed rear seat standard and fold down rear seats. While the Transporter-6 can carry up to 6 passengers and has an impact resistant front bumper with vinyl side rub rails and dual dash compartments.