Club Car Australia  provides a variety of golf vehicles such as, Precedent Professional model, Precedent Champion model, DS electric golf cars and DS petrol golf cars.
The Precedent Professional model from Club Car Australia has better power, storage and handling capabilities. These golf vehicles require less maintenance work. The Precedent Champion golf vehicle is available in two models. Golf vehicles with standard mag wheels and golf vehicles with polished alloy wheels with weather enclosures are offered by Club Car Australia.
The Precedent Champion golf cars are accompanied with standard accessories such as, canopy top, winged hinged windscreen, canopy storage net, golf bag cover, soft grip steering wheel and champion accent stripes. Other accessories including, ball and club washer, double or strut mounted on either sides and coolers are also available from Club Car Australia.
Club Car Australia provides electric IQ golf cars. These golf cars have advanced motor braking and enhanced hill climbing power. These cars have easy to use hand held displays and easy monitoring facilities. This IQ electric golf cars have powerful and reliable HP motors and an on board computer which helps maximise performance and battery life.
The DS petrol golf cars are lightweight and completely rust proof. The unique feature of this car is the canopy which keeps the water run off away from the passengers. It also consists of corrosion resistant nylon rails which have ultraviolet protection.