Cinajus  cobblestones in Granite, Basalt and Bluestone are available as machine cut and hand cut in natural, tumbled or exfoliated finishes.

Natural stone cobblestones can be utilised in numerous applications including pool surrounds, driveways and even areas that experience heavy traffic.

Cobblestones from Cinajus are available in Casper White Granite, Regent Grey Granite, Sunset Gold Granite, Jet Black Basalt, Basalto Bluestone, and Red Rose Porphyry and measure 100mm x 100mm x 30mm. The top surface of the cobblestones has an exfoliated finish while the bottom surface is sawn. All edges of the natural stone cobblestones are hand cut.

Fully hand cut cobblestones are available in Granite, Basalt and Bluestone in units measuring 100mm x 100mm x 50/40mm will all sides featuring a hand cut finish.

Cinajus also offer Granite fan pattern cobbles that are available for custom orders only, the stone, colour, finish and pattern being selected by the customer. Minimum quantities apply with these fan pattern cobblestones.