While being one of the world’s oldest and most enduring building materials, there are very still few design features more alluring than natural stone. For centuries local limestone has been utilised in all forms of architecture in the Tuscan region, its strength, beauty and versatility making it ideal for both external and internal applications. It is these features which see Tuscan limestone shipped halfway across the world to be used in residential projects across Australia.

Tuscan limestone makes a stylish natural stone cladding, transforming the outside or inside of any home. It offers a range of subtle pastel and natural colours that seamlessly blend with today’s minimalist trend while still imbuing warmth, perfectly complementing the Australian climate and lifestyle.

In addition to the stunning aesthetics, it is the strength, versatility, and consistency of limestone that appeals most strongly to designers, landscapers and builders alike.

Limestone is formed by the deposition of small fragments of marine organisms such as coral and shells, as well as other contaminant materials such as sand and clay. After the deposition the stone will undergo de-watering, compaction and cementation, forming the limestone rock.

 Through this process limestone gains its strong and dense properties, making it a suitable choice for both internal and external cladding applications.

As a quarried stone, limestone is able to be cut to a very consistent size and shape, which not only looks better, but provides an evenness which makes it quicker and easier to lay.

To truly appreciate and experience the benefits of limestone, ensuring natural stone specialists are engaged in the project is vital.

Cinajus is an importer of the natural stone to the Australian market, providing Australian designers and builders with the finest limestone cladding solutions. Started in 1999, Cinajus has established itself as Australia’s natural stone specialist.

Cinajus’ Tuscan limestone not only looks amazing, but is hassle free too, with single piece corners helping to simplify construction and result in a perfectly seamless wall. The stone is just 25-35mm thick, constructed in a random ashlar format without the need for any grouting.

With outstanding strength and durability limestone walls provide a great investment and add an elegance and timelessness to any home.

The staff at Cinajus possess a deep knowledge and know-how of imported natural stone, allowing them to work closely with architects, landscapers and builders from the inception of a plan, through to stone selection and project completion, and can even recommend the perfect Chianti pairing to go with a new limestone wall.

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