Leading natural stone specialist Cinajus explains the many benefits of travertine pavers and tiles, and how they check all the boxes for price, durability, aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

Identifying the perfect surface for any home or commercial application can be difficult, especially when one’s searching for a product that can meet several performance and aesthetic criteria. Very often, one’s forced to settle for a surface that meets most of the requirements but remains a compromise.

Cinajus recommends travertine as a natural stone that checks many of these boxes. Matching the durability of more popular paving materials such as granite or brick, travertine has proven longevity – the Colosseum in Rome is made almost entirely of travertine, and has lasted nearly 2000 years.

Travertine combines its durability with beautiful aesthetics, offering design flexibility with a wide range of colours such as peach, red, yellow, gold, beige, walnut and ivory, and patterns such as star, diamond-cut, French, basket weave, rattan, and many more to match any decor.

All these qualities come at an affordable cost, making travertine a great option for a variety of projects.

Travertine is recommended for pool decks, providing a gorgeous surface that offers just enough grip and can stand up to the constant wetness as well. Suitable as an ornamental surface for garden features, travertine is also great for borders around garden planters, patios and balconies.

Walkways, paths and patios are also great locations for travertine pavers as the stone provides an elegant, formal look that’s comfortable to walk on and can be made to match any decor or colour scheme. As a paving surface for driveways and entryways, travertine provides an unusual, durable and attractive surface that is sure to impress guests and visitors to the home or business.

A specialist in 100% natural stone products, Cinajus has more than 15 years of experience installing beautiful travertine pavers in the Sydney area. Visit Cinajus’ Sydney display centre to view the collection.

Image: Silver Travertine