Caterpillar’s  D7E track-type tractor with electric drive has earned the company this year’s Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Excellence Award. The diesel-electric drive system is unique in its application and works to conserve natural resources while optimising efficiency. It operates via two AC electric drive motors that are powered by a diesel-driven electric generator.  

By using the diesel-electric drive system, Caterpillar’s D7E track-type tractor improves dozing efficiency by 25 per cent, resulting in a 20 to 30 decrease in fuel consumption and a fewer greenhouse gas emissions.  

The D7E has fewer moving parts in comparison to other Caterpillar models and uses less parasitic power, which results in a more efficient transfer of engine power to the ground. It has a 9.3L displacement and ACERT technology which complies with Tier 3 emission regulations. The engine produces 175 kW. Productivity and performance is increased thanks to the improved drive train efficiency and fuel consumption is reduced.  

The Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Excellence Award was founded in 2000 to acknowledge exceptional efforts towards the pursuit of cleaner air.    

Award-winning entries must decrease pollutant emissions, show innovation, provide sustainable outcomes and present a model for others to follow.