IT TOOK just half an hour of their time and small monetary gesture for hundreds of Caterpillar employees to make an environmental difference with a recent at the company’s head office. Nearly 300 employees contributed to the planting along the company’s southern boundary as part of a staff generated project aimed at offsetting carbon emissions, raising employees’ environmental awareness and softening the plant’s visual impact. Planting more than 400 trees, rotating teams of Cat workers from all company divisions, got their hands dirty under the watchful eyes of the two men behind the project, environmental coordinator, Chris Noble and facilities engineer, Chamindra Senyanake.

The stand of native Callistemon Kings Park Specials will reach up to five metres at maturity, produce an abundance of flowers to attract native birds and provide an effective screen along almost 100m of the site’s southern boundary. “The 400 trees we plant will offset emissions equivalent to that produced by 23 cars each year,” Noble said. Assisting the project and demonstrating precise control and low ground pressure was a Cat 277C low emission, Multi Terrain Loader (MTL), placing a thick mulch layer to preserve soil moisture and give the trees the best chance of survival.

Together with employees, Caterpillar is implementing a range of environmental initiatives including a factory-heating project and the installation of solar hot water systems in main buildings and the café. The company is also installing rainwater tanks for garden use and a grey water recycling system in the café and is trialling waterless urinals.

Source: Construction Contractor