Better known for its smooth and minimal surfaces, a decorative textured finish can now be applied to Caesarstone by sandblasting a pattern into the stones surface.

The sandblasting technique is made possible by Caesarstone’s strength from 97% quartz, pigments and polymers.

Using specialised machinery, dry abrasive sand is blasted at the material at high pressure, allowing it to etch the surface.

Decorative patterns can be applied to an entire slab, as a border or feature panel. Highly effective, this textured surface is ideal for vertical surfaces and can be used as feature walls, counters tops, furniture or partitions in both commercial and residential design.

The sandblasting process starts with a CAD file of the decorative design that can be used to produce a template. The sandblasting process can be done by hand or off a computer controlled machine.

The textured sandblasted surface does require a little more care when cleaning; however, it retains Caesarstone’s scratch resistance and is also water resistant.

Caesarstone products are available through kitchen and bath retailers, fabricators, architects, designers, builders and distributors nationwide. Decorative sandblasted surfaces can be viewed in the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Caesarstone showrooms.