Caesarstone presents the Motivo patterned texture surfaces that combine unique tactile quality and stylish design with the strength and durability of quartz. 

A popular choice for vertical wall panels and horizontal application in bars, clubs, restaurants and commercial spaces, Caesarstone's Motivo patterned texture surfaces make a bold aesthetic statement while offering a highly practical stain- and scratch-resistant work surface suitable for busy environments.

Available in both Lace and Crocodile textured motifs, Motivo surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, do not require sealing and are virtually non-porous. The large panel sizes minimise joins and grout lines to create a seamless, high-quality finish perfect for high-end spaces over alternatives such as ceramic tiles and wallpaper.

The contrasting raised polished pattern and matte backdrop elegantly captures and diffuses light to create a dynamic look, ideal for benchtops, splashbacks, wall panelling, entrance foyers, feature panels and custom-made furniture.

Motivo is available in two standard designs including:

Lace is an intricate, floral pattern with elegant and delicate detail and is available in the popular shade of Snow to suit many applications.

Crocodile is a sophisticated and bold pattern that will add understated glamour to any project. Being highly tactile, this design will add depth, intrigue and mood to any design. Crocodile is available in both Snow and Jet Black.

These stunning, modern surfaces can be used as a standalone feature or incorporated into the textural layering of a range of beautiful materials and patterns.

Caesarstone Motivo is backed by a 10-year Limited Warranty.