A leading brand of quartz surfaces in Australia, Caesarstone introduces a new range of surface wipes as a convenient, one-step cleaning solution for everyday mess and spills.

Caesarstone engineered stone surfaces are simple to clean, relatively maintenance-free, and now easier to keep them looking their best with the new Caesarstone surface wipes.

Packed in a resealable packet, Caesarstone surface cleaning wipes are specially designed and formulated to be tough on grime and gentle on the stone to maintain its brilliant shine. The surface wipe is made of a strong, high quality cloth material soaked in a hygienic cleaning solution that does not contain chlorine or other bleach ingredients, and is completely safe to use on Caesarstone quartz surfaces as well as most hard, washable surfaces such as ceramic tiles and vinyl.

General cleaning of everyday spills and stains can be done by simply wiping down the surface with the surface wipe and then allowing to air dry. Each resealable packet of Caesarstone surface wipes contains 50 sheets.