Caesarstone  have unveiled nine new colours that have been developed for the Australian market. Warm, neutral tones prevail, adding depth to the existing colour palette. Caesarstone now offer an expanded range of 38 colours and patterns.

Pure White is a pure, clean, crisp and dense white colour. This colour meets the ongoing demand for ‘new’ whites and combines modern style with durability.

Using new colour combining technologies, Organic White, Whisper and Buttermilk reflect a soft, warm and natural aesthetic. Each colour combines a number of tones, subtly blended to create Caesarstone’s most natural looking organic designs.

Urban, a warm brown/grey shade expands the neutral tones range. Subtle and consistent in its design, Urban colour shade has an edge that will suit modern interiors.

Free Spirit offers a relaxed, coastal aesthetic. A white base incorporating a precious mix of amethyst and golden cornelian pieces, these semiprecious stones are known for their healing powers.

Genuine brown river pebbles are used to create a unique look in quartz surfaces. Brown Pebble combines various size river pebbles in rich brown tones on a milky brown base. This surface is hard and durable and suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

A mid brown tone with a fine and consistent composition, Walnut is a classic brown, which will compliment many timbers and modern materials. Walnut is suitable for many design applications.

Black Rocks has a tonal black base and subtle white organic features. This classic, rich black and white surface offers a highly tactile and timeless design.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are stain, crack, scratch, chemical and heat resistant, making them a durable choice for carefree kitchens, bathrooms, bench tops, wall panelling, splash backs and various other applications.