The Vue Collection from Bristile Roofing is a premium range of clay roof tiles in classic, confident hues. Colours and finishes that carry deliberate weight and texture.  

The Vue Collection from Bristile Roofing of clay roof tiles includes these models:  

Onyx clay roof tile  

Onyx is said to remember things that have happened to its owner. It’s been a symbol of endurance, an anchor for the flighty and an alleviator of fears. The Romans put it to more practical use - in jewellery - its ultra-blackness made gemstones appear sharper and catch the eye. The Onyx clay roof tile will set off a building in the same way, you just need more of it.

A valuable mineral called cobalt oxide is applied as a glaze to achieve the striking ultra-black of Onyx. Slick, energetic and lively on top, balanced with a cool, calm true black below.      

Glazed Black Granite clay roof tile  

Granite is a coarse-grained stone. Prized in the kitchen for its looks it won’t easily scratch, or dent if you drop a pan on it, though the pan might. Of course, none of this will aid in social climbing, for that use Glazed Black Granite. It’s hygienic and super smooth so drinkable rainwater slips right off, as does the odd bird. Better still, all the neighbours can see it.

The Glazed Black Granite clay roof tile is coated in a luxuriant shiny glaze. It is at once handsome, possessing depth; black, never moody or dark. The glaze twinkles just like stardust when it sees the moon.          

Graphite clay roof tile  

Graphite is a soft mineral, but roll it into fibres, twist those into threads and it becomes a high-strength component used in cars, trucks and aeroplanes. Clay is a soft mineral too, but mould it, glaze it, then bake it in an oven and you get a high-strength component used in spacecraft, semiconductors, and - of more immediate concern to you - rooftops.

The distinctive two-tone glaze used to create Graphite is achieved by applying matt black to the whole face of the tile, then a second glaze of gloss black across the jaw (of the tile).        

Ruby clay roof tile   

In building a home, most seek to employ the best materials and craftsmanship. When there's a budget to consider, seek a material that simply delivers a unique advantage and superior performance at an affordable cost. All these elements combined will make The Vue Collection is a premium range of clay roof tiles in classic, confident hues. Colours and finishes that carry deliberate weight and texture. Textures that invite touch but lie - enticingly - just beyond ordinary reach.