Bristile Roofing explains why roof tiles are the most sustainable roofing option for homes.

A comparison of the energy efficiency of roofing materials reveals that roof tiles outperform various commonly used roofing materials in a number of key areas including sustainability factors such as longevity and reusability.

Roof tiles offer a sustainable roofing solution by delivering several practical benefits including minimal environmental damage through manufacture as well as the potential for recycling and reuse at the end of their product life.

The reusability of any product not only lengthens its lifecycle but also ensures the energy used during its manufacture is spread over a longer time period, achieving greater efficiency. Roof tiles can be removed from one building and reinstalled on another, not only extending their lifespan but also eliminating the energy consumption and cost associated with manufacturing a new product. Reusing building materials such as roof tiles commonly saves about 95 per cent of embodied energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Concrete roof tiles from Bristile Roofing come with a 50-year product warranty against cracking, splitting or warping due to defective manufacturing; porosity and leakage; and damage from coastal salt.

Bristile Roofing also supplies their terracotta roof tiles with a ‘Colour for Life’ warranty, which provides the assurance of colour retention for the life of the product. The high temperature of the firing process during manufacturing effectively seals the product and locks in the colour, achieving the colour retention.