Bristile Roofing presents the new La Escandella Ceramica Planum Blackstone roof tiles featuring an elegant and fashionably flat profile with the look and texture of slate.

The latest addition to Bristile Roofing’s La Escandella Ceramica terracotta roof tiles, Blackstone is part of the Planum Collection, forged on the Spanish coast and striking at the heart of contemporary style.

According to Michael Monro, Communications Manager at Bristile Roofing, Blackstone has been introduced in line with trends moving towards flatter tile profiles. Bristile Roofing has also integrated a high degree of functionality into the stylish tile with the unique design and size of the Planum allowing fast and easy installation.

Michael notes that the slate-like pattern of the Blackstone moulded into the finely crafted terracotta creates a more natural finish.

Planum roof tiles by Bristile Roofing enhance kerb-side appeal with a choice of nine modern colours to complement the latest exterior finishes. The colour palette begins with the neutral, lighter shades of Oyster right through to the deepest black of Caviar.

Blackstone terracotta roof tiles are lighter and stronger with a flexure rating of over 900N; similar to all Planum roof tiles, they achieve a 15-degree roof pitch with the use of sarking. Blackstone, like all La Escandella Ceramica terracotta roof tiles, has a colour for life warranty and superior thermal mass, and is lower in embodied energy than some competing products.

Bristile Roofing La Escandella Ceramica roof tiles are manufactured from durable terracotta, adhere to strict strength specifications and are salt-safe and suitable for any location, including coastal areas.