Reflecta Shield is a roofing membrane with all the typical benefits of normal roof sarking. In addition, it's strong enough to withstand hailstones, which would damage other roofing materials. Reflecta Shield roofing membrane can protect a roof from the worst that nature can dish up.    

A ventilated roof of 15 - 25º, installed with Reflecta Shield roofing membrane achieves an insulation rating of R2.7. A comparable non ventilated roof achieves a rating of 2.4. These impressive ratings are managed by using a patented air cellular design.    

Reflecta Shield roofing membrane features an anti corrosion coating which reduces the degradation of the critical reflective foil surface that stops heat penetrating the membrane. And it can be relied upon to last for many years into the future.  

The air cellular design of Reflecta Shield roofing membrane gives it great insulation properties and also also makes it very strong. Tests show that even large hailstones will not be able to penetrate a roof reinforced by this roofing membrane. 

Reflecta Shield roofing membrane is available from Bristile Roofing .