Bristile Roofing presents the Medio Curva from its La Escandella Ceramica collection of roof tiles.

Medio Curva roof tiles are designed for architectural projects seeking to capture the distinctive and exquisite character of mission style roofs that have crowned homes, civic buildings and architectural landmarks for centuries.

Also referred to as a ‘mission barrel’ tile, this two-piece tile was traditionally the most frequently used roof tile in European and Spanish colonial buildings in the new world. The Medio Curva tile can be used in existing projects to restore historic roofs to their former beauty as well as in the construction of new builds to add a distinctive and sophisticated architectural aspect to the roofline.

Medio Curva roof tiles follow a system of installation long used in European and Mediterranean architecture, and are laid as a two-piece with alternate tiles inverted so each tile cups the previous one, creating an eye-catching finish.

The Medio Curva tile can be laid on curved roofs and roof pitches as low as 10 degrees due to the innovative use of a fibre cement sheet corrugated to the shape of the tile, which not only lends an aesthetic finish but also serves as the roof sealing component. This installation process also allows the Medio Curva tiles to be used on domed roofs of churches and monasteries for instance, unlike most roof tiles.

The Medio Curva tile is available in an array of versatile colours, including monotone, duotone, blended and aged colour options, exuding classic European style while offering an endless array of design possibilities. 

While monotone tiles have one consistent colour across the body, creating a clean finish that blends seamlessly with traditional and contemporary architectural designs, the duotone finish is achieved through use of a colour overspray applied to either a red or white clay tile base. 

The pre-mixed blended colours create a unique roof reminiscent of those seen in Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe where these tiles have been popular for centuries. These blends combine three to five different tiles, which are merged across the roof.

The aged colours add a distinctive finish to a home or building and are ideal for historic restorations, creating a weathered or reclaimed look without the associated costs.

Bristile Roofing marketing manager Michael Monro comments that the wide range of colour options and the unique installation process of the Medio Curva enable greater design flexibility, allowing creative specifiers and homeowners more scope in designing an impressive roof. 

Terracotta roof tiles offer several practical benefits, including a colour for life warranty, durability, low maintenance requirements and natural density that makes them ideal for both acoustic and thermal insulation. 

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