Leading roofing products manufacturer Bristile Roofing has launched a new interactive online 3D home visualisation tool to assist homebuyers and builders with creating the look of their home.

The online tool will help users visualise design ideas, colours and styles of a variety of exterior building products such as roof tiles, bricks, fascia, garages, front doors and paved driveways.

Bristile Roofing believes the 3D home visualisation tool will allow homebuyers and builders to create a better and more accurate representation of their home and give them a far more enhanced shopping experience.

Commenting on the new online tool, Michael Monro, sales and marketing coordinator at Bristile Roofing, explains that the new 3D visualisation tool has been launched with the goal of improving the selection process for customers by allowing them to see a range of building products on house facades.

He adds that the 3D home visualisation tool will give users an end-to-end solution, which will allow them to coordinate the look of their home design, and give them a realistic impression of how it will appear, helping to take the guesswork out of the design process.

Designed for simple use, the 3D home visualisation tool acts as an interactive decision making aid that renders design choices quickly in high-resolution photo quality images. Users can view different combinations of building products on a selection of house designs, giving them an idea of how the products will look before they make a purchase.

The new 3D home visualisation tool can be accessed on the Bristile Roofing website.