Continuing its commitment to providing quality products and services, Bristile Roofing  (Queensland) has introduced DEKS Perform Flexible Roof Flashing into its product range from January 2008.

DEKS Perform Flexible Roof Flashing is an environmentally friendly, patented material, which will replace lead in any kind of roof flashing application.

The innovative material is a composite, consisting of stretchable aluminium moulded into a special type of polymer rubber which is used to cover small openings in roofing structures.

Because it’s made from environmentally friendly materials, there is no leaching of colouring agents or chemicals, meaning water harvested from roofs using DEKS Perform Flexible Roof Flashing can be used for drinking without fear of contamination.

DEKS Perform Flexible Roof Flashing is installed quickly and easily with tin snips, easily moulding to the shape of the roof surface and providing a strong, stable and long lasting finish.

Bristile Roofing contractors have now been trained in Perform installation and are using the new product. Feedback has been positive and there is enthusiasm regarding time savings during installation, the light weight of the product (more than 60% lighter than lead) and its environmental benefits compared to lead flashing.

In an increasingly sophisticated consumer and construction market, the evaluation of new products and technologies is vital.

Significant research was conducted on DEKS Perform Flexible Roof Flashing and the results were good that it has been added to the Bristile Roofing product range.

In the words of Matthew Johnson, Bristile Roofing’s state manager (Queensland) ‘The DEKS Perform Flexible Roof Flashing is an evolution from lead flashing: it’s environmentally friendly, light weight, easy to install and incredibly durable. It’s an innovation in the roofing industry and a step in the right direction for Bristile Roofing’’.