The Weatherfold Series from Brio is recognised as the architectural standard for exterior folding door hardware.

Designed in Australia, Brio Weatherfold Series is trusted by major window and door manufacturers, and brings a stylish edge to the efficient use of space.

The new Brio Weatherfold 4s is the 4th generation in the popular series of exterior folding door hardware and incorporates several new exciting features.

Suitable for aluminium and timber doors, Weatherfold 4s is a complete system that includes pivot sets, hanger sets, hinge sets, top track, bottom channel, seals locking and flush bolt options.

Key features of Brio Weatherfold 4s exterior folding door hardware:
  • New push button locking mechanism on hangers for a hassle free speedy installation
  • Vertical adjustment mechanism provides easy and quick installation
  • Automatic locking technology ensures the panels always remain set
  • Concealed design for locking mechanism within the track for greater visual appeal
  • No exterior hardware can be removed or tampered with due to non-removal pin technology
  • Ambidextrous end guides can be changed from left to right handed orientation via simple adjustment on site
  • Designed to handle panels up to 150kg with precision and ease
  • Creates openings up to 4m high and 19.6m wide
  • Up to 8 equal size panels can fold seamlessly in each direction with inward or outward opening functionality
  • Matching hardware available in 4 premium finishes: Polished Stainless, Satin Stainless, PVD Brass and PVD Black