Brio door hardware was used to install bifold doors at a heritage home in Northcote, Melbourne as part of a stunning renovation project.

The project’s architect, Ben Callery found it a challenge to draw sunlight into the narrow 6.5m wide block.

Describing his innovative design, Ben Callery said, “The convex curve of the roof bounces direct sunlight down into the living space but also creates an illusion of space. The ramp of the peeled roof directs the eye up and outwards increasing the sense of space vertically while the long tail of the roof cantilevering over the back deck accentuates the feeling of length on a small site.”

Slender, black steel windows were complemented by five exterior folding doors to draw in light, all designed and fabricated by Steel Window Design, which also created a remote operated electric awning window as well as sash-less windows with steel reveals for the project.

The bifold doors utilised Brio’s Weatherfold 4s folding door hardware designed to suit exterior, metal and timber doors up to 100kg in capacity.

Image: Photography by Tatjana Plitt