Brilliant Lighting (Aust) advises Australian householders to switch to energy-efficient LED lighting to substantially reduce their annual power bills.

Given the constant rise in energy costs, it makes sense to implement simple solutions to improve the energy-efficiency of the home, which will also save money in the long run. Brilliant Lighting sheds new light on what Australians are spending to light their homes, and how much they can save by making smarter choices.

For instance, Australian householders can save up to $22 per globe on their annual power bills simply by changing their lighting. 

According to James Thompson from Brilliant Lighting, lighting plays a big role in the energy consumption of any home; therefore, choosing the right lighting can make a design statement as well as save a lot of money.

Figures supplied by the Ausgrid Electricity network reveal the average Australian household spends around 18 per cent of its annual energy bill, or around $200 a year on home lighting.

The first step to improve energy efficiency in the home is to replace old incandescent and halogen bulbs with a more efficient alternative, such as an Eco Brilliant LED globe. Eco Brilliant LED globes last up to 25 times longer and use up to 80 per cent less energy than a standard incandescent bulb.

Known for their long lifespan and incredible energy efficiency, LEDs offer the most efficient and durable lighting option on the market.

For example, a standard incandescent globe lasts an average of 1000 hours and has typical wattage of 25 to 100 watts. LEDs last up to 25,000 hours with power savings of up to 80%. Inexpensive to run and having a long lifespan, LEDs have the potential to save households an enormous amount of money in the short and long term. Payback periods can be as little as 12 months for the cost of the new bulb.

Brilliant Lighting offers a large range of Eco Brilliant LED lighting systems for exterior and interior applications. Available at Bunnings, various electrical wholesalers and independent lighting stores, the Eco Brilliant LED range includes fully integrated systems, integrated downlights, strip lighting and replacement globes.

The range includes Illumina and Candella high lumen LED downlights, Luxor LED downlights, GU10 and Deluxe GU10 downlights, and LED modular strip lights. Each option is designed for home and business use and comes with simple DIY instructions where applicable.