Home security lighting solutions by Brilliant Lighting (Aust) act as a deterrent to criminals, and help keep families safe.

The Australian Institute of Criminology estimates burglary costs Australians around $3.6 billion a year. Household burglary is one of the most widespread crimes in the country with around 335,700 break-ins reported in 2009-10.

James Thompson from Brilliant Lighting says one of the best ways to deter intruders and keep the home safe is by installing high quality exterior and security lighting from Brilliant Lighting.

Brilliant Lighting offers an extensive range of home security lighting systems, including the Nightwatcher, Avalon, Intelliscan and Ranger systems.

James Thompson explains that criminals don’t like to be seen and are discouraged from attempting to break into the home when home security lighting is installed. He adds that the best security lighting covers a large area of the property so trespassers have nowhere to hide. 

For example, movement-activated sensor lights such as the Nightwatcher motorised LED security lights provide a uniquely innovative solution to improve home security. The Nightwatcher’s motorised swivel allows the light to track the object in the detection area, preventing the burglar or intruder from hiding or moving out of the light source as it tracks their movement. The energy-efficient security light features eight super bright, one-watt Nichia LEDs, a built-in microprocessor and a passive infrared (PIR) tracking motion sensor.

The Brilliant Lighting range also includes Intelliscan security lights, Avalon LED twin security sensor lights and Ranger LED security lights.

Exterior security lighting additionally keeps the family and visitors safe by lighting their way to safety indoors. Exterior lighting systems are also used to accent the home and add curb side appeal.

Brilliant tips for outside lighting

Install lighting at all entry doors. Use a light fixture with two bulbs to provide a greater area of light – there will still be light even if one bulb burns out.

Accent lighting and garden lighting not only make the property look great but also provide a security factor with a well-lit exterior. 

Add lights along driveways and walkways to deter burglars and improve pedestrian safety. Get creative with decorative options such as posts, lanterns or deck/step lights that line the walkway from the ground.

When installing security lights beneath the eaves, point them downwards towards the corner of the house so the lighting covers both sides of the building. 

Install security lights well out of reach so they are difficult to damage or destroy.

Using PIR sensors in the lighting is an effective way of deterring intruders and reducing energy consumption. Lights need not be left on all night, and will only activate if someone enters the property. 

Using LED light sources will not only reduce energy consumption but also the maintenance requirements.