BRIKproducts  specialise in manufacturing clay brick facings and associated products for new and existing building structures.

BRIKproducts offer BRIKit system (brick and rail walling systems), brick tiles, Brik facings and corners and metal railing systems. Brik facings and corners are available in 15, 20 and 25 millimetre thickness. The 15 millimetre Brik facing comes in 230 x 76 x 15 ±2 millimetres with each weighing 55 kilograms, 20 millimetre Brik facing is available in 230 x 76 x 20 ±2 millimetres with each weighing 68 kilograms, and 25 millimetre Brik facing comes in 230 x 76 x 25 ±2 millimetres with each weighing 86 kilograms.

BRIKproducts offer metal railing systems that include steel course rail, starter rail and top rail. Steel course rail and starter rail weigh 46 kilograms per lineal metre and top rail weighs 31 kilograms per lineal metre.

BRIKproducts offer bricks in a wide range of styles and colours. The range of bricks include handmade sandstock bricks, ‘Governor’ sandstock bricks, Premium collection, Antique range, Rockface range, Architect choice and Designer choice. BRIKproducts mainly rockface the Premium collection, but can rockface other bricks if required.