BRIK Products' lightweight brick facings systems are ideal for applications where normal brickwork cannot be easily used.

BRIK Products began in 1992 as a manufacturer of thin brick facing systems primarily for the installation of lightweight, non load-bearing second floor additions in the domestic market. BRIK Products can match existing brickwork and no heavy joists are required to support full brickwork.

Alternatively a fibro cottage, the worst house in a good street can be clad in lightweight brick facings. Install the brick facings to ground level to cover the stumps and there is no need to reset doors or windows.

BRIK Products has 2 major products lines, being BRIKit and BRIKslice. BRIKit consists of 25mm thick brick slices that clip into a zincalume steel rail. BRIKslice are 15mm thick brick tiles that are glued to almost any type of substrate.

BRIK Products’ entry into exporting began when JETRO (Japan Export and Trade Organization) offered it a place at their housing exhibition in Tokyo in 1995. It was a good introduction to the world of export.

BRIK Products has been particularly successful in Japan due to the fact that Japan does not support a brick manufacturing industry and over the last 20 years their people have embraced the look of real brick for its colour, armth and texture. Also BRIKit is in use due to the fact that it is earthquake proof, a particularly important feature in Japan.

BRIK Products’ lightweight brick systems are ideal for new housing and commercial construction in Japan as the need to employ bricklayers is removed, construction times are substantially reduced and installation of the product is precise and simple.

BRIK Products now regularly supply shrink wrapped pallets of brick facings and brick corners to builders and building material suppliers in Japan, USA and the Philippines as well as New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and various Pacific Islands.

Builders in Australia who are involved in extensions and first storey additions continue to buy BRIK Products’ BRIKit lightweight brick system for its ease of application in their construction work.