Brett Campbell Mosaics  offers various types of decorated mosaics for indoor and outdoor applications which can be installed using mosaic kits. The artists who have created these decorated mosaics are Brett and Lesley who have carved a range of beautiful designs on these mosaics.

Some of the work carried out by these artists includes chess tables, dining tables, coffee tables, murals and mirrors, and garden art such as pots, birdbaths, letterboxes and stepping stones.

The mosaic kit from Brett Campbell Mosaics helps in learning mosaic art without attending classes. This mosaic kit provides comprehensive instructions on procedures involved in mosaic construction and everything is explained in a detailed manner with an instruction booklet. The kit contains quality material required for mosaic art along with hand picked colours.

The chakra and yin and yang mosaic mandala kit for creating 41 centimetre mosaic mural or table top is provided with following materials which include high polymer tile glue, coloured tile grout, waterproof sealant, plywood base, screws and wires and a toolkit with instructions.