Brett Campbell Mosaics  offers various types of decorated mosaics for indoor and outdoor applications, created by Brett and Lesley the artists who have carved a range of beautiful designs on these mosaics.

Each design created on every mosaic is an original work and the artists mainly work with ceramic tiles that are available in different colours. The ceramic tiles used here are good for making carvings and provide better shape and lettering.

The mosaic art work is carried out using high quality materials and each piece has tile fixing system attached to it. These mosaic art works are ideal for internal and external applications and each piece of work is done on waterproof ply wood. The iron used in these creations is free from rust and are powder coated and galvanised.

The mosaics used are versatile and can be used in all situations due to their durability. Some of the examples of applications of mosaics include indoor and outdoor murals, tables, furniture, water features, swimming pools, cafes, commercial settings and business signage.

The works on mosaics include carved frog, carved lettering, coloured Gecko closeup, scrub turkey closeup and Goanna closeup.