Bradley Australia  offers different varieties of mirrors including tilt mirror, unbreakable stainless steel mirror and angle framed mirror.

Bradley Australia also manufactures a variety of patient care products including stainless steel shower seat. The various models available include 9555-40, 955B, 953 and 22-8504.

Bradley Australia offers toilet roll holders of various models including 5054 single, 5224 double, 5402, 5600, 5501 and 5442. Model 5054 single is made up of heavy chrome steel and has a vandal resistant locking system, while model 5402 is a toilet tissue holder and can hold two standard rolls. Model 5501 is a plastic dispenser unit suitable for large toilet rolls and model 5443 is a triple roll toilet tissue holder which can hold three standard rolls.

Bradley Australia offers a wide range of grab bars including drop down grab bar, towel rail and 032 series. The 032 series is easy to install and has special welded construction. Model 032-101 is available with a toilet roll holder and has a safe grip also. It can have either a bright coat finish or a powder coat finish.

Bradley Australia also offers an entire gamut of liquid soap dispensers including model 6324, 6542, 6502, 6543 and 6563. Model 6324 has one litre capacity, a removable plunger and a spout. A special key is also available, which is used to refill the bottle.