Bradley Australia  is a manufacturer of high quality commercial washroom equipment and residential bathroom accessories. Bradley Australia has been operating in this business for the past 35 years.

Bradley Australia offers a wide range of washroom equipment including combination units, waste receptacles, dolphin dryers, soap dispensers, towel dispenser, toilet roll holders, infant care products, medicine cabinets, mirrors, shelves, grab bars, railings to name a few.

The products supplied by Bradley Australia are elegant, durable and are easy to install. The various hand dryer models include 2847A, 2847 and 2497. Model 2847 is a three in one unit and is designed in stainless steel to give a modern look.

Bradley Australia manufactures and supplies various towel dispenser models including 2017A, 2237, 255 and 258. Model 2017A can be single or multi folded and has a removable leak proof system.

The bathroom accessories from Bradley Australia include varieties like Avalon and Carinya.

The various successful projects completed by Bradley Australia include Westmead hospital-Parramatta, St George’s terrace-Perth, Freshwater place-Melbourne, St. Basils-Miranda, Gold Coast convention center, BHP headquarters, Dandenong hospital and Common wealth law court.