Brace Anchor  is a manufacturer of anchoring braces, which is a developed system used to support precast concrete panels temporarily. The anchoring brace offered by Brace Anchor is effective, durable, economical and easy to install. It is tested in various states for variations in soil conditions.

The brace anchor system manufactured by Brace Anchor caters to all loading requirements and saves up to fifty percent of the cost incurred when the conventional methods are used.

Brace Anchor supplies anchoring braces which adapt the t-lock anti-tamper system for safety purposes. The anchoring system can be simultaneously installed in a few minutes while the project is being carried out.

The brace anchoring system does not interfere and obstruct any work being carried out on the site. It is environment friendly, consistent, reliable and also reduces harmful emissions while the manufacturing process is carried out.

Brace Anchor also provides a focused team which plans and schedules the entire project. The team also ensures that industry requirements and safety standards are completely met. Further no harm is caused to the soil when the machines are installed or removed.