Brace Anchor  is a manufacturer and supplier of anchoring brace systems for commercial and industrial units across Australia. The anchoring braces are used instead of the traditional in-situ concrete or cement foundations. Anchoring braces from Brace Anchor comply with all Australian and international standards of safety, design and quality.

Anchoring braces from Brace Anchor display high levels of durability and strength. These products from Brace Anchor are offered at highly competitive rates for the convenience of customers. These anchoring braces have gained popularity over a period of time and are used in a number of locations to support concrete and pre-cast concrete panels on temporary basis.

Anchoring braces from Brace Anchor are easy to assemble and installation of these can be completed in a matter of minutes. There is also no need for the excavation of soil during the installation of these products from Brace Anchor. Experts from Brace Anchor are available at all times to provide technical and customer care support.