BPM Industries  offers sun control system that can be used to provide a controlled environment. The sun control system from BPM Industries includes S.L. system and Punch rod system. BPM Industries sun louvres consist of uninterrupted spans with blade pitch varied according to specific needs. Sun louvre system can be slightly changed for providing protection and security.

Sun louvre can be obtained in standard sizes or custom made sizes according to the requirements. Sun louvre can be obtained in wide variety of colours. The S.L. system is known to require less maintenance and is easy to clean.

Sun Louvre Catwalk systems from BPM Industries are constructed using aluminium. The assembly of the system involves the usage of locking system that does not need any distortion or welding. The pitch between the blades provides control over the sunlight. The adjustment of the pitch can be in increments of millimetres.

BPM provides ventilation louvre systems that can be obtained in galvabond, colourbond, extruded aluminium, zincalume and folded aluminium. Mill finish, anodised and powder coated finish are available. The types of blades used include folded and extruded aluminium blades. Folded blades can be obtained in different sizes according to the air flow and project requirements.