Versatile by design, BPM Shutters can be used on the one project, in a number of applications. An example of this is the recent Citilink commercial project which showcases two of BPM’s products. The curved aluminium skylight screens were used in a functional and artistic manner. Externally, the SL090 sun louvres were installed horizontally and above windows.

Whether you are inside the home or outside, BPM Shutters can be locked in place allowing you to take advantage of the fresh air. In home units with adjoining balconies where entry from the next unit is possible, the installation of BPM Shutters allows security but maintains the decorative features, allowing a controlled environment with the ability to fully utilise the outside area. BPM's unique security system provides peace of mind. Unlike many other shutters on the market, BPM Shutters can be secured whilst in the open position.

BPM's all aluminium shutter means that you are in control. With BPM you have full control of light, privacy, security and noise. On verandas, balconies and larger windows the shutters can be installed hinged or bi-fold, or on sliding tracks to allow total control for shading and privacy without the cost of installing shutters for the full length of the opening.

BPM Shutters come powder coated in any standard colour, including woodgrain (for that warm timber feeling, but with the durability of aluminium). The powder coat finish lasts for five to ten years with minimal care and unlike timber BPM Shutters will not warp, twist or rot.