The video recording manager also known as VRM supports iSCSI-based storage systems and Video IP devices like IP cameras and IP video servers from Bosch Security Systems . The video recording manager supplied by Bosch Security Systems provides a distributed network video recorder solution by reducing the need for NVRs, and initiates the second generation of IP network video recording.

The video recording manager from Bosch Security Systems can manage iSCSI recordings directly from Bosch IP cameras and encoders. This video recording manager from Bosch Security Systems belongs to the second generation IP network video recording technology.

The video recording manager from Bosch Security Systems features includes an iSCSI storage manager, it can optimize storage utilization, and it can load balancing for performance and failover for extra reliability. The software acts as a “traffic cop” by distributing video across the storage devices.

There are about 276 scientists, technicians and engineers in Bosch Security Systems who are involved in developing new products and innovative manufacturing processes as well as the continuous improvement of existing products. Bosch Security Systems Supports and promotes innovative solutions. Bosch Security Systems has filed over 200 patents.