Available from Bosch Security Systems , the 400 Series Video Recorder is ideal for use with systems that contain up to four analogue cameras.

With hassle free operation, this video management system can be used in both residential and commercial small business applications such as shops and offices.

The 400 Series video recorder operates ‘straight from the box’ and can even be operated and managed remotely via a web based system. Should the alarm be triggered, the video manager alerts the operator by automatically sending an email.

Featuring H.264 video compression technology, the 400 Series video management system ensures there is ample recording time available at an affordable price. At least 30 days of video at the highest recording quality is possible.

Operators can use flexible image resolutions according to their requirements and can be viewed ad recorded in CIF, 2CIF and 4CIF resolution.

Additional information on 400 Series CCTV video recorders is available from Bosch Security Systems.