The new Bosch OptiFlow: connectivity, patented technology, and stunning industrial design
The Bosch OptiFlow is redefining the modern hot water system. It is a 6 star continuous flow water heater designed specifically for Australian conditions, but highly differentiated from its competitors by the application of patented technologies and a connectivity feature.
The OptiFlow is set apart from conventional continuous flow hot water systems by its connectivity. The Installer and Service App allows plumbers to measure performance and get diagnostic codes in real time via near-field Bluetooth communication. It enables trouble-shooting during set-up or servicing, and suggests solutions for easy adjustments. This ultimately means less installation and servicing time. The separate App for consumers lets the user adjust the temperature, track energy and water usage, and keep an eye on costs. So the end user’s smartphone can function as a substitute thermostat. Both the Trade and Consumer Apps are available on Android and iOS.
Bosch’s OptiFlow combustion management system utilizes a patented algorithm to modulate the appliance gas valve and fan speed to ensure optimum combustion. The gas to air ratio is measured 4 times per second, and if necessary adjusted. This process is ongoing over the lifetime of the appliance, allowing it to intelligently and continuously adapt to changing environmental conditions, ensuring optimum efficiency in all conditions over the lifetime of the appliance.
A new patented Bosch technology known as “Easy Minimum” allows the OptiFlow hot water system to operate at very low minimum power output, while maintaining a stable output temperature for more comfortable showers. This technology is beneficial in situations where the incoming water temperature is high and only a small temperate rise is needed. In this situation the appliance burner modulates in conjunction with an active by-pass valve. This feature extends the operating range of continuous flow water heater technology.
The design influence utilized for the OptiFlow takes its lead from sophisticated, uncluttered and sleek consumer appliances, and has more visual similarity to an iPhone than a conventional hot water system. The OptiFlow raises the possibility of converting a traditional “back of wall” category to an architectural feature.
Connectivity, patented technology, and energy efficiency combined with stunning industrial design, make the OptiFlow a true innovation for the Australian hot water market .

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